Mission Statement

Emerging Revolutionary War (ERW) serves as a public history-oriented platform dedicated to sharing original scholarship and discussion on the American Revolution and the historical time periods that bookend the war.

Our primary audience is the general public and our blog posts will be all encompassing and directly relate to the interests of the respective historians who write the pieces. These interests, broadly defined, can range from historical research, memory studies, travelogues, personal narratives, essays, book reviews, and photography. Journalistic-style coverage of current American Revolution era-related events and the Revolutionary Era in pop culture are also included. Furthermore, ERW encourages respectful discussion about that material. ERW does not publish fiction or poetry.

ERW seeks to encourage diverse perspectives in the scholarship it presents. In order to continue to offer fresh perspectives on this important time in American history, ERW will continue to identify and spotlight the next generation of American Revolutionary Era historians that can bring their unique perspectives to this historical conversation.

ERW encourages a free exchange of ideas. We do encourage those with differing opinions to express their disagreements, but we expect the exchange between all to be respectful. Vulgarity and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

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