Rob Orrison

RobOrrison-ShilohRob Orrison, co-founder of Emerging Revolutionary War, has been working in the history field for more than 20 years. He has a wide range of interests and has worked in museums and historic sites that range from the Colonial era to the Civil War era and the early 20th Century. Born and raised in Loudoun County, Virginia, Rob’s interest in history and the field of public history stem from his childhood living in Mosby’s Confederacy.

Rob received his Bachelor’s Degree in Historic Preservation at Longwood College (now University) and received his Master’s Degree in Public History from George Mason University. Rob has worked at Petersburg National Battlefield, Sully Plantation and, since 2006, with the Prince William County Historic Preservation Division as historic site manager of Brentsville Courthouse Historic Center, Ben Lomond Historic Site, and Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park. Now he serves as the historic operations supervisor, overseeing day-to-day operations, programs, and events of all Prince William County-owned historic sites.

Outside of work, Rob is involved in Preservation Virginia as the Northern Virginia branch director; treasurer of the Historic House Museum Consortium of Washington, D.C.; vice president of the Bull Run Civil War Roundtable; regional director of Virginia Civil War Trails; and serves on the Council of the Virginia Association of Museums.

1 Response to Rob Orrison

  1. Stefani says:

    Rob Orrison , We thank you and all the historians involved in ECW and EARW For all of your hard work preserving our Hallowed ground and continuing to keep our history researched to the last detail to share with us. You and your fellow historians have created a rare venue for us to learn from .
    We are grateful to know you Rob…
    Stef & Ty


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