Stumbling Upon Daniel Boone

Recently I had the chance to travel through Lexington, Kentucky en route to western Kentucky and to see the sites associated with the Fort Donelson campaign in the American Civil War.

In Frankfurt, Kentucky, Simon Bolivar Buckner, the Confederate general who surrendered the Tennessee fort, is buried.

Little did I know that a stone’s throw away, literally, is the grave of Daniel Boone. A fascinating find, if I would have researched a little more, I probably would have realized who all was buried in that cemetery in the state capital of Kentucky.

There, on a bluff, above the Kentucky River, lies Daniel and his wife Rebecca. The great frontiersman and pioneer who took settlers through the Cumberland Gap. One of the first folk heroes of American history.

Never know what you may stumble upon, when on a history excursion!

Pictures are below.

6 thoughts on “Stumbling Upon Daniel Boone

  1. grego

    Not so fast, Phil! To make a long story short, Daniel Boone eventually moved to Missouri, and lived his last years there. His home in Defiance, MO can be visited. Nearby is a tiny cemetery claiming to be his burial site, with a big monument to mark the site.

    I’ve been to Frankfort as well…. so judge for yourself.

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  2. grego


    My understanding is that his body was exhumed and sent back to Kentucky in the 1840s/50s…. but there are stories that the Missouri folks sent the “wrong” body. There are conflicting accounts as to whether this was intentional or a mistake… or is just a conspiracy theory. My guess is that he is buried in Frankfort.

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