Dr. Peter Henriques Book Talk

On December 13, 2020 at 7 p.m. Emerging Revolutionary War historian Mark Maloy will sit down and talk with preeminent George Washington historian Dr. Peter Henriques to discuss his latest book about the indispensable man of the Revolution, First and Always: A New Portrait of George Washington.  Peter Henriques is Professor of History, Emeritus, at George Mason University and gave the keynote address at the inaugural Emerging Revolutionary War Symposium in May of 2019.  You can watch this discussion live on our Facebook page.

George Washington is without a doubt the most important man in the story of America’s founding.  Henriques has studied Washington for decades and in 2006 published a book Realistic Visionary: A Portrait of George Washington.  Rather than a biography that covers everything in Washington’s life, both Realistic Visionary and now First and Always are “portraits.”  They are broken up into individual stand-alone essays and delve in depth into some of the most interesting and at times controversial aspects of Washington’s life.  Among these are Washington’s relationships with his mother, fellow Founding Fathers, and slavery.  The result is a deeper and fuller understanding of who George Washington really was.

To get a signed copy of Dr. Henriques new book First and Always, you can send $27.95 to 13704 Heritage Valley Way, Gainesville, VA, 20155.

Additionally, we will be talking with Dr. Henriques on the 221st anniversary of the final illness of George Washington.  Washington became ill on December 13, 1799 and died late in the evening on December 14, 1799.  Henriques is an expert on the death of George Washington and the author of a book The Death of George Washington: He Died as He Lived that explores the final days of George Washington, so we will also discuss Washington’s death. We hope you are able to join us! If you miss the live talk, you will still be able to watch it on either our Facebook page or YouTube page in the future.

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