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Gage Finally Acts, Patriots Respond

Finally, Gage put his plan into motion. The previous excursions taught him that this needed to be a quick strike, and secrecy was essential. Gage planned on a mixed force of elite Grenadiers and Light Infantry, picked from the several … Continue reading

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What it Means to Wear the Green

This St. Patrick’s Day millions of people around the world will wear green and celebrate the Irish holiday.  However there was a time when wearing the color green in Ireland could be punishable by death. In the wake of the … Continue reading

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“Abigail Adams and Thomas Jefferson: A Secret Correspondence”

Arguably the most fascinating friendship in early America was between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  Partners in declaring independence, the pair would become like brothers while on assignment in Europe.  But the strain of political discord and partisan strife would … Continue reading

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“When Innocence itself was not safe: Little-known preface to Boston Massacre sets the stage for trouble”

Emerging Revolutionary War welcomes back historian Derek D. Maxfield.  In March 1770 one of the most infamous events of the American revolutionary era took place outside the Custom’s House in Boston, when British soldiers fired into a crowd instantly killing … Continue reading

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The Romance of William Clark

In Fincastle, nestled in the mountains of Virginia’s Botetourt County and once considered the “jumping off” spot for people traveling to the frontier, they tell a story about William Clark. Prior to his journey west with Capt. Meriwether Lewis and … Continue reading

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December 23, 1783: “More Extraordinary Than Any Military Feat During the War”

In Baltimore, Maryland stands one of the first monuments erected to the memory of George Washington. The 180-foot monument was finished in 1829, before the Washington Monument in D.C. was even begun. The impressive stone pillar is topped with a … Continue reading

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ERW Weekender – Boston Tea Party

The City of Boston is known for many things and history is one of them. There are many sites within the city that interpret the story of the beginning of the American Revolution. Many sites are along the famous and … Continue reading

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