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War on the Pennsylvania Frontier: Part 2 of 5: Captain Phillips Monument

Along the wooded ridges of central Pennsylvania, a brutal war raged that was far removed from the orderly movements of large armies in the east. The attack on Phillip’s Rangers is a good example of this warfare. Native Americans, supplied … Continue reading

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The War on the Pennsylvania Frontier Part 1 of 5: Fort Roberdeau

When we think of Pennsylvania in the Revolution, we often focus on sites like Independence Hall, Valley Forge, or Brandywine. The southeastern corner of the state was its most populated region, the center of its industry and commerce, and the … Continue reading

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ERW in the Hudson Valley: 4th Annual ERW Trip

Just over two weeks ago, ERW historians Billy Griffith, Phillip Greenwalt, Mark Maloy, Rob Orrison and Kevin Pawlak took a long weekend trip up to upstate New York. This was the fourth year that ERW authors have gotten together to take … Continue reading

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The Ring Fight and the Emergence of Andrew Pickens

While the Second Continental Congress met in the early summer of 1776, colonists in the far away backcountry of South Carolina faced a threat from a perennial foe, the Cherokees. While delegates debated a declaration of independence, war parties struck … Continue reading

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Symposium Recap

One week has passed since the first annual Emerging Revolutionary War symposium. Held in conjunction with Historic Alexandria, Virginia at the Lyceum, the theme was “Before they were Americans.” With a day of lectures, keynoted by Dr. Peter Henriques, professor … Continue reading

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“Soldiers and Countrymen…”

Before the horrific terrorist attacks that struck the United States on September 11, 2001, this date in American history saw the longest single day engagement with the highest number of combatants during the entire American Revolution fought in southeastern Pennsylvania. … Continue reading

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“Judiciously Designed and Vigorously Executed”: The March to the Dan River

Emerging Revolutionary War welcomes back guest historian Daniel T. Davis.  Last month, I heard Emerging Revolutionary War co-founder Phill Greenwalt remark “when you think about retreats, victory is a word that doesn’t come to mind.” The period of January 18 … Continue reading

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