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“You shall be carried to the gaol of Fredericktown” (Part 1)

In the western Maryland city of Frederick there is an innocuous looking brick building that stands in the historic downtown. The non-descript 20th century structure, near the corner of Market and 2nd Streets, is easily overlooked in a city full … Continue reading

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An Interesting “What If?” Question: Benedict Arnold and the Monmouth Campaign

So recently I have been working on a Monmouth Court House project. Last night an alternate scenario popped into my head. I wanted to ask you, the readers, your opinion. During the spring of 1778, what if Charles Lee, recently … Continue reading

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Coryell’s Ferry: Site of Another Important Delaware River Crossing, June 1778

While visiting home in New Jersey this past week I was able to travel to many different sites associated with the Monmouth Campaign of June 1778. One of those sites in particular was Coryell’s Ferry (or Landing), which straddled the … Continue reading

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Book Review: One if by Land, Two if by Submarine, by Eileen Schnabel

A few months ago, author Eileen Schnabel sent us her young adult novel, “One if by Land, Two if by Submarine” for a gander.  Not being specialists in middle school fiction, we turned to an expert, my 13-year old daughter, … Continue reading

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The Battle of the Kegs (January 5th, 1778)

The Philadelphia Campaign did not end well for the Continental Army after three separate defeats at Brandywine, Paoli, and Germantown followed by the British occupation of the new nation’s capital.   Among other things, however, it would produce an amusing … Continue reading

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Victory or Death

Early on the morning of December 26, 1776, George Washington and his 2,400 man army went running into the Hessian occupied village of Trenton, New Jersey.  It was snowing hard that morning and the one American soldier recalled that “we … Continue reading

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, 1776

There was perhaps no darker Christmas Eve in American history than in 1776.  The cause of American liberty and independence was on the very verge of disintegration.  General George Washington’s army (that had once had more than 20,000 soldiers) had … Continue reading

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