“Rev War Revelry” Discusses the Ten Crucial Days

On December 27, 2020 at 7 p.m. Emerging Revolutionary War historian Mark Maloy will sit down and talk with experts on the Ten Crucial Days campaign of 1776-1777 for the last “Rev War Revelry” for 2020.  Mark Maloy (author of Victory or Death: The Battles of Trenton and Princeton) will be joined by Larry Kidder (author of Ten Crucial Days: Washington’s Vision for Victory Unfolds), David Price (author of The Road to Assunpink Creek) and Roger Williams (Co-founder of TenCrucialDays.org) to talk all things Ten Crucial Days.  You can watch this discussion live on our Facebook page.

Everyone has heard about how Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night in 1776, but now you can learn the fuller story. We’ll be talking on the 244th anniversary of the actual Ten Crucial Days, which occurred between December 25, 1776 and January 3, 1777. We’ll discuss the important events that occurred and look at some of the myths, misconceptions and lesser-known people involved. Additionally, we’ll talk about the sites where these important actions occurred and what you can see there today.

So, grab your favorite drink, this Christmastime season, and settle in to learn more about the ten days that saved the Revolution and changed the course of American history.

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