The Irish Rebellion of 1798 and the Battle of Vinegar Hill

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all us at Emerging Revolutionary War! The Irish contributed significantly to the cause of American independence. A large percentage of the Continental army was made up of Irish immigrants and Americans of Irish descent. One of Washington’s trusted aides in the war was the Irish Catholic patriot, Colonel John Fitzgerald.

While American independence benefited greatly from Irish support, the American Revolution helped to inspire the Irish rise up for their own freedom back in Ireland. Following the American and French Revolutions, the Irish sought to break the sectarian divides between Catholics and Protestants and unite to drive the British out of Ireland at the end of the 18th century. The United Irishmen rose up in 1798 and fought a bloody conflict that was brutally suppressed by the British.

This Sunday, join us as we discuss the 1798 Irish rebellion and the dramatic battle that occurred on Vinegar Hill near Enniscorthy, Ireland. We will be joined by historian and archaeologist Damian Shiels from Ireland. He has worked at Vinegar Hill and will give some insights on the battlefield. Join us as we gear up for this year’s ERW Symposium where we will be discussing the international importance of the American Revolution.

The talk will broadcast live on Sunday, March 20 at 7 p.m. ET on our Facebook page. If you are unable to join live, you can catch it on our Facebook page, YouTube page, and podcast later.

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