“Rev War Revelry” Book Chat with Bert Dunkerly

 “The Importance of the North River (the Hudson), and the sanguine wishes of all to prevent the enemy from possessing it, have been the causes of this unhappy catastrophe.” So wrote General George Washington in 1776 as the British invaded New Jersey. Worse was to come, as the British overran the state, and the Americans suffered one unhappy catastrophe after another.

 Central New Jersey witnessed many small battles and important events during the American Revolution. This area saw it all: from spies and espionage, to military encampments like Morristown and Middlebrook, to mutinies, raids, and full-blown engagements like Bound Brook, Short Hills, and Springfield. The British had their own catastrophes too. So did civilians caught in the middle.

 In the fall of 1776, British forces drove the Americans out and secured the state. Following the battles of Trenton and Princeton, New Jersey became a battleground.

 The spring of 1777 saw the formation of a new Continental Army, one that served the rest of the war. That spring, British and American forces clashed in a series of small but sharp battles.

 By summer, British General Howe tried to lure Washington into a major engagement, but the Americans avoided the trap. As the conflict dragged on, civilians became engulfed in the fray, and a bitter civil war erupted, continuing until the end of the conflict.

 Join us this Sunday, November 13 as we talk with Bert about his new book. You can tune in to this prerecorded discussion on our Facebook page at 7:00 p.m. EST. ERW is on the road this weekend for our second annual bus tour thus the program being prerecord.

The presentation will look at various and lesser-known battles, military campsites, raids, espionage, and more. Have questions for Bert about his book or things you thought of during the presentation? Send us an email, message us on Facebook, or put it in the comments section under the video. If you miss it, please check out the recording later on our Facebook page, our YouTube page, or our podcast!

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