Book Talk with Mike Cecere: “Williamsburg at War”

Join us on Sunday night at 7 p.m. on our Facebook page as we welcome historian and author Mike Cecere to discuss his latest book: “Williamsburg at War: Virginia’s Capital in the Revolutionary War.” Williamsburg witnessed many crucial events during the Revolution and war. From the Stamp Tax Resolves of 1765, meetings at the Raleigh Tavern in 1769 and 1774, the gunpowder incident and formation of troops in 1775, the unanimous decision of the 5th Virginia Convention to support American independence in May 1776, the steady support of the continental army throughout the war, two brief enemy occupations in 1781, and finally, as a staging area for the Siege of Yorktown in 1781, Williamsburg played a significant role in the Revolution and Revolutionary War.

Can’t make it this Sunday? You can see a recorded version on our YouTube page or on our podcast!

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