American Revolutionary Era Reading Lists

Recently, a few emails have appeared in the Emerging Revolutionary War (ERW) email detailing lists of books to read on the American Revolutionary Era. During the summer months, when large segments of the population hit the road for vacations, ERW thought a post about what books to nab for that trip would be a helpful tidbit of information.

Museum of the American RevolutionOne of the emails was from our friends at The Museum of the American Revolution and was geared toward younger audiences. The books were geared toward different age groups, bracketed for 12 years and up, ages 7 to 12 years, and then ages 2 to 7. A final category was for graphic novels.

Reaching younger enthusiasts is the goal of many preservation and/or historic sites and this list is a great way to get them involved during the summer months. Check out the entire list here.

Lastly, if so inclined, the Museum sends out a “Read the Revolution” email list via their website to read reviews of applicable books.

The other email was our friends at the Journal of the American Revolution and was geared toward adults as it tabulated “The 100 Best American Revolution Books of All Time.” The list is broken down into different categories, including but limited to, “all-in-one” histories, people, politics, and conflict and war.

Journal of the American Revolution

For the complete listing, click here. How many have you read? What has been your favorite?

Happy Reading!

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