Give the gift of Emerging Revolutionary War this year!

Searching for the perfect gift this year for the Revolutionary War enthusiast in your life? Looking to put something on your own list for Santa this year? Get one of the Emerging Revolutionary War books, or get them all! This year we have four titles available:

“A Single Blow: The Battles of Lexington and Concord” by Phillip S. Greenwalt and Robert Orrison

“Victory or Death: The Battles of Trenton and Princeton” by Mark Maloy

“A Handsome Flogging: The Battle of Monmouth” by William R. Griffith IV

“The Winter that Won the War” by Phillip S. Greenwalt

These heavily illustrated books offer a great, readable overview of these important military campaigns and include self guided driving tours of the battlefields.

Already have the books and looking more for an experience? Order a ticket for the 2022 Emerging Revolutionary War bus tour! This year’s tour will explore Valley Forge and Monmouth.

Here’s some praise from participants on our first bus tour this year at Trenton and Princeton:

“Loved learning the story of what happened in Trenton and Princeton during that part of the Revolutionary War. I was amazed at the distances Washingtons men had to travel for each part of the battles. Wonderful presentations and the intelligent questions asked by participants!”

“You guys all did an excellent job. The live interp was why we came; and it was great.”

“Excellent tour; I tried to do both battles on my own several years ago but my self-tour was a complete failure compared to this ERW tour.”

“Loved the tour! Cannot wait for future tours!”

“Having toured some of these sites previously it was most enjoyable and I learned much more.”

We hope you all plan to join us in 2022 in exploring the battlefields where our liberty and independence was won!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Emerging Revolutionary War!

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