“Fort Ticonderoga, the Last Campaigns” with Dr. Mark Edward Lender

During the War for Independence, Fort Ticonderoga’s guns, sited critically between Lakes Champlain and George, dominated north-south communications in upstate New York that were vital to both the British and American war efforts. In the public mind Ticonderoga was the “American Gibraltar” or the “Key to the Continent,” and patriots considered holding the fort essential to the success of the Revolutionary cause. Join us for this Sunday at 7 p.m. for the latest installment of our Rev War Revelry series as we welcome back award-winning historian, Dr. Mark Edward Lender, to discuss his newest book and the importance of Fort Ticonderoga in the oft-forgotten latter years of the Revolutionary War in Upstate New York.

The discussion will be held via Facebook Live on our page, https://www.facebook.com/emergingrevwar, and will be available afterwards on YouTube and Spotify.

2 thoughts on ““Fort Ticonderoga, the Last Campaigns” with Dr. Mark Edward Lender

  1. doodler.rarer-0n@icloud.com


    div dir=”ltr”>Is there any way you can present these discussions via zoom rather than Facebook? Many of us are not fans of Facebook and choose not to have accounts there, and it’s frustrating to see content posted there th


    1. Phill Greenwalt

      Good morning. All the videos are also posted on our YouTube channel “Emerging Revolutionary War” and also as a podcast “Emerging Revolutionary War” on whichever platform you use if you listen to them.


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