Announcing the New Emerging Revolutionary War Series

ERWS logoAlthough it’s been nearly 250 years since America’s founding, the Revolutionary era continues to capture people’s imaginations. To explore that story even further, the editors of Emerging Revolutionary War have partnered with publisher Savas Beatie, LLC, for a new book series that will highlight the key events, people, and stories of America’s foundational experience.

The Emerging Revolutionary War Series will offer overviews of battles, politics, and biographies aimed at general audiences. Each book will be supplemented with dozens of original photos and all-new maps.

“These books are modeled after our highly popular Emerging Civil War Series,” explains publisher Theodore P. Savas. “The books are reader-friendly, and offer the perfect introductory-level chance to explore some great stories.”

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Announcing Revolutionary War Wednesdays!


The Battle of Breed's Hill
The Battle of Breed’s Hill


History can resemble the peeling of an onion. There are multiple layers, each one resting on top of each other and, when peeled back, can provoke an emotion—anger, happiness, empathy, or a score of others. Like an onion, that can often provoke tears.
ECW’s Phillip Greenwalt offers an example. “On a recent trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania—a place steeped in American Civil War history—I stumbled upon some early 20th century history in a place I would have never expected,” he says. “A short distance down the Emmitsburg Pike from the spot where Major General George Pickett’s Confederate division charged across on its way to Cemetery Ridge, I stood reading about Camp Colt, a military installation used for tank training prior to deployment of tank corps soldiers in World War I.”

And, of course, President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s post-presidential farm sits just a mile or so to the southwest of that same spot.

Just as there are multiple layers of history at Gettysburg, Emerging Civil War is about to embark on another onion-peeling adventure. After much thought and discussion, we are excited to announce the launch of “Revolutionary War Wednesdays.”

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