Southern Campaigns American Revolutionary War RoundTable

Emerging Revolutionary War is dedicated to promoting the continued learning and interest in the American Revolutionary War era. Starting this month, the blog will highlight one American Revolutionary War Round Table. So, continue to check back for a round table, historical society, and/or history study group near your neck of the woods.


Founded in 2004 with a “magnificent seven” men that were interested in visiting the hallowed fields of the American Revolution and having a forum to discuss the events that unfolded on those grounds.

However, unlike the majority, if not all, of military round tables around the country, the Southern Campaigns American Revolutionary War Roundtable (SCARWRT) does not have the traditional “dinner-speaker” setup for their meetings. Their meeting happens semi-annually at historic sites in Georgia and the Carolinas and constitutes an all-day Saturday gathering with numerous speakers and a field trip to sites to conclude.

There are no member dues, by-laws, or even a round table constitution and one can be a novice student in the era of American history or a life-long enthusiast. More information can be found on the Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution website;

One caveat, the website mentioned above does not belong to the SCARWWT but there has been a strong connection over the years between the two.

Check the website above or the “American Revolutionary War Round Table” link at the top of this page to get in contact with the SCARWRT.

One thought on “Southern Campaigns American Revolutionary War RoundTable

  1. William Rhodney Reep

    The April 30 Roundtable in Lincolnton, NC will be at the Lincoln Cultural Ctr. and I plan to have a short (15 min. or so) presentation on ” Why the Ramsours Mill Area should be declared a “National Historic Monument” for the role that it played leading to our victory in our fight for independence. You can ask Mr. Charles Baxley about me. My family paid dearly in the “Hornets Nest War ” of 1780-1781. I have lots of maps and links to share. Please let me know what I can do to help . Thank you. -Rhod Reep


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