Fight for Osborne Hill

From a Pennsylvania State Historical Commission marker, one quickly can find out the importance of Osborne Hill to the Battle of Brandywine, fought on September 11, 1777.

Osborne Hill Marker (courtesy of Keith Smith,

The hillside was the site of British General William Howe’s post in which he coordinated and commanded the different components of the British and Hessian forces that day. The battle opened the way for the British conquest of Philadelphia and was the largest, in terms of manpower fighting, of any American Revolutionary War battle.

Now, this important tract of land needs a few more people to fight for its control and preservation.

From our friends in the Campaign 1776 initiative, part of the Civil War Trust, the land, 88-acres, of Osborne’s Hill is available for preservation. The following is an excerpt from their preservation website:

“In the early morning hours of September 11, 1777, British General Sir William Howe and approximately 7,500 men marched toward what Howe believed would be the decisive battle against the wily George Washington and his band of American Rebels. 

Cresting a high eminence known as Osborne Hill, Howe saw the Americans forming a defensive position just in front of him. Nevertheless, he was confident his well-disciplined troops could make quick work of the Americans, destroy Washington’s army, and, if possible, capture the upstart nation’s capital, Philadelphia. He was wrong. With figures like the Marquis de Lafayette and General Nathanael Greene rallying them, Washington’s men stood toe-to-toe with the British for some 11 hours. Though they were ultimately forced to retreat, the Americans preserved their army and denied Howe the sweeping victory he had hoped to achieve. 

What was once the scene of an epic battle is now a bedroom community for the city of Philadelphia, and these 88 acres would be an ideal location for a substantial housing development. Saving this land now will ensure that it retains its wartime character and will help preserve the memory of the brave patriots who gave their lives to create our nation.

Save Brandywine!”


For more details on the battle, preservation efforts, and if you want to donate, click here.

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