Debut of Emerging Revolutionary War’s YouTube Channel

Starting on April 19, 2020, Emerging Revolutionary War debuted a “Rev War Revelry” on Sunday evenings. The goal was to create a virtual historian happy hour since the outbreak of COVID-19 curtailed many in-person gatherings at pubs, bars, historic venues, or conferences.

Every Sunday since, Emerging Revolutionary War historians, either by ourselves or with noted scholars and guest historians, have discussed, debated, and shared their viewpoints on a range of topics.

We have also listened to our audience and one of the consistent comments and/or suggestion has been to transfer the live videos from our Facebook page to a YouTube channel. Well, we have finally listened!

Emerging Revolutionary War now has a YouTube channel and all our “Rev War Revelry” videos are uploaded on them. There are two playlists for you to click through. One is titled “Author Interviews” and includes every author that has been interviewed on our program. The other category is simply listed “Rev War Revelry” and includes all the other round table historian happy hour discussions.

We hope you continue to enjoy our programs and subscribe to our channel. To head straight to our YouTube channel, click here.

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