Dills Bluff: A Sign of the End

Yorktown, of course, wasn’t the end of the Revolutionary War. It wasn’t even the end of military action.

Take, for instance, the battle of Dill’s Bluff on James Island, outside Charleston—the last military action of the Revolution in South Carolina. The engagement took place on Nov. 14, 1782.

Today, nothing remains of the battlefield, which is marked only by a single two-sided sign.

Dills Bluff-front

Dills Bluff-back

Dills Bluff is a small piece of high ground along St. James Creek. “Bluff” makes the ground sound higher than it is. Today, a line of houses occupies most of the high ground, although one can catch a glimpse of the beautiful salt marshes that surround the bluff.

Dills Bluff-view


One thought on “Dills Bluff: A Sign of the End

  1. Jim morgan

    First time I went to this spot, about 8 miles from my house, I had to chuckle at the word “bluff.” Had just moved here from Virginia and, when I think of a bluff, I think of Ball’s Bluff. Dill’s Bluff is a pretty spot but, as you noted, there isn’t anything battle-related to see other than the sign.


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