Women in War

As February turns to March, our friends at American Battlefield Trust (ABT), in honor of Women’s History Month, are starting a series on “Women in War.”


The objective of the initiative is to highlight the important role women have played in America’s conflicts, especially the wars that the Trust is actively trying to preserve the hallowed ground from. From the home-front to the front-lines, women were crucial to all aspects of the winning or sustaining the fight during the respective conflicts.

That got one historian at Emerging Revolutionary War thinking.

If you had to list the most influential women during the American Revolutionary War time period, who would top the list?

Feel free to comment below!

For information about the ABT’s month-long series click here.

One thought on “Women in War

  1. Martha Washington, hands down. She took on high profile tasks while with the Army every winter and became a role model for women to contribute to the war effort at a time when social conventions limited their ability to contribute. To be sure, the colonies benefitted from a wealth of extraordinarily talented women during the revolutionary period and many could have played that role as well, but Martha more than rose to the challenge both during the war and years after.


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