“Rev War Round Table with ERW” Talks Turning Points

On Sunday, May 17th sy 7 p.m. EST, join Emerging Revolutionary War on our Facebook page for the next “Rev War Revelry” happy hour round-robin historian discussion.

This week’s theme is “Turning Points” a broad term that will most certainly conjure up an interesting conversation.

Word around the ol’ pub about potential topics that will be discussed include Valley Forge, Ten Crucial Days, Guilford Court House. Maybe a mention even of one of the more obvious, Saratoga?

But, you know how gossip goes! So, tune in on Sunday and bring your favorite drink, give the ERW historians a toast and a “Huzzah.”

We look forward to your comments, counterpoints, and conversation.

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1 Response to “Rev War Round Table with ERW” Talks Turning Points

  1. wbahr says:

    Looks interesting! Picture looks like Battle Bemis Heights (Saratoga). Hope U touch upon Kings Mountain! Hope 2CU Sunday!
    Bill Bahr — http://www.LibertyKey.US

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